Foster & Kinship Care

Our program credo  (.mp4)

We are invested in removing barriers for success in school by providing supplemental resources.

We aspire to provide comfortable care and positive service in support of the whole child.

We pledge to be consistent, timely, flexible and knowledgeable in our partnership.

We connect resources to students, caregivers and community.

Helping where we can. One support at a time.

How to enroll and additional resources

Please complete this form at registration and enrollment. There is a box to mark foster, kinship and group home placement.

Foster care students are categorically eligible for free meal assistance. Complete the above form for our team to eliminate the application step.

  • Click Board
  • Click Access Board documents
  • Click Policies
  • Scroll to “J” Students
  • Click on JFABE- Foster Care Students
    • JFABE-R- Foster Care Regulations